Did you spend last summer hiding your nails because of an unsightly fungal infection? If so you have plenty of good company. Around 10% of the overall population has the affliction meaning that there are 139,999 others out there just like you in Auckland.

Fortunately, help is at hand, the Laser Nail Clinic in the Northshore Medical complex on Sunset road, are specialists in treating this humiliating infection. Since 2014 they have treated literally thousands of nails using the “state of the art” PinPointe Laser machine, a machine created in the USA specifically for this purpose and having FDA clearance to do so.


The clinic is located at Suite 18 of the Northshore Medical Centre, 326 Sunset Rd, Windsor Park
To make a booking or for more information call John on 09 4755 273 or go to their very informative web site – www.lasernailclinic.co.nz.