Earlier this year we had a patient who, in her words, had “tried everything” to clear up her long standing fungal nail infection. It was causing her considerable grief in that she was too embarrassed about the way her toes looked to wear open toed shoes and was well and truly over having to keep them covered with nail polish. At her first treatment she was nervous even though we had assured her that it would not hurt.

After the treatment she was all smiles saying “it didn’t hurt at all”

She went on to complete the recommended series of three treatments and is now happily watching her nails grow out clear which, at around 1mm a month, is slower than watching paint dry, but much more satisfying.

Are you another one of those who has tried everything or have been just ignoring it hoping it will go away by itself (it won’t)? Whichever category you fit into, if you want to deal to the unsightly affliction give us a call so you too can get started watching your nails grow.

Verrucas –  like fungal nails infections, we can treat verrucas without pain, pills or side effects. The number of treatments depends on how deep and how tough they are, usually about four treatments are required. Visit our web site for more information or call to make an appointment.

Pick up the phone now and call John on (09) 4755 273 or visit www.lasernailclinic.co.nz.

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