Overview of the laser treatment

Since the laser nail treatment was established in 2009, it has become the gold standard compared to alternative traditional methods such as oral or topical treatments. The PinPointe FootLaser was the first laser to get FDA clearance for the treatment of onychomycosis (nail fungal infection). The PinPointe FootLaser targets the fungus in and under the nail, so the laser light passes through in and under the nail without damaging the surrounding skin.

Laser Nail Treatment is:

  • Quick and safe

  • Studies prove the results

  • No side effects

  • No harmful radiation

  • No pain

  • No medication to take

How many treatments required?

  • Our standard treatment is a series of three. It is very important to know techniques to take care of your nails. Since the fungus is present everywhere in the environment, there is a chance of reinfection if you do not treat your nails correctly.

How Treatment Goes

  • We ask that you have had a positive diagnosis of a fungal infection before coming to us

  • The procedure.

    • There is no pain during the procedure. Some people may feel a warm sensation or prickly feeling.

  • Aftercare will be discussed and you will be given an information pack to help you mitigate the possibility of getting re-infected.

Before procedure

  • It is important to remove nail polish before the treatment

  • If the nails have thickened up appreciably you will need to have them debrided (thinned down) by a podiatrist before coming to us. We can recommend a podiatrist in your area.

After procedure

  • No recovery period. You can resume the normal activity immediately.

  • We give you a new pair of bamboo socks at each appointment.


  • If you have podiatry cover included in your insurance you will probably get some assistance from your insurer.

Who developed the PinPointe FootLaser?

  • Leading scientist and medical professionals working together for 20 years. The funding was provided by the National Institutes of Health.