Our nice warm and painless laser
The PinPointe FootLaser that we use is the most technologically advanced and successful laser. Contrary to what another clinic promoting “cold laser” has been saying, our laser treatment is painless. Your experience with us will be relaxing, calm, painless and highly professional. All our clinicians are medically qualified and, since we started the clinic in 2014, we have successfully treated thousands of nails and have more experience than anyone else in the country.
Topical treatments
Topical treatments or creams are available as prescription or over-the-counter medications from your local chemist. To have any chance of success they must be used in strict accordance with the label which often means applying them once a day for several months which can become a real chore. They can be expensive and our experience is that the results often do not match the label claims.
Oral Medication
These are doctor prescribed medications that, while having a reasonable rate of success, have some potentially nasty side effects including damage to the liver and kidneys to the extent that some doctors will not prescribe them. Typically, the duration of the treatment is 6 months and during that time regular blood tests are recommended and drinking alcohol is not recommended.

Surgically removing the nail is an extreme measure that, in our experience, is rarely successful.

If you a man you have most likely been ignoring the infection. Onychomycosis is like rust, it never sleeps and if you continue to ignore it the infection will spread to all the nails and you will end up with thick brittle and crusty nails. Nails in this state look disgusting, may become painful and are really difficult to treat.
“Cold Laser”
We are disappointed to see that there is a clinic in Auckland promoting the “cold laser” treatment who are saying that “hot lasers” are painful. The PinPointe FootLaser machine that we use gives the patient a relaxing, calm, and painless experience (in fact we have had patients go sleep during the treatment). Since 2014 we have treated thousands of nails without ever causing any pain.
On the internet one can find something to support whatever one is wanting and yes, one can find supporting evidence for the “cold laser”. It is not our place to be critical (or otherwise) of the “cold laser” treatment, it is up to you to make up your mind about which treatment will best for you.
What we do know is that we are the most experienced team in the country, having successfully treated thousands of nails starting with the PinPointe FootLaser in 2014.