Established in 2014, Laser Nail Clinic is a certified PinPointe FootLaser treatment provider solely dedicated to the treatment of onychomycosis and verruca’s. The PinPointe FootLaser technology, which originates from the United States, has been specifically developed for the treatment of onychomycosis and verruca’s and holds U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance*.

All our laser specialists are medical professionals that have completed full training in the use of Pinpointe FootLaser and additional laser safety training. In order for us to start a treatment plan, we require a positive diagnosis of a fungal nail infection from your General Practitioner or podiatrist. This is to ensure that the nail infection is in fact onychomycosis and not another condition, which can occasionally happen.

Our team is dedicated to the treatment of onychomycosis and verruca’s and will work with your GP or podiatrist to provide you with a successful treatment plan.

What to expect

  • Infected nails that have grown thick may need to be thinned down (debrided) by a podiatrist
  • Three treatment sessions are scheduled with each treatment taking around one hour
  • Photographs are taken at each session to help track progress
  • Post-treatment advice about what aftercare products to use to help stop re-infection (Treatment results are heavily dependent on patient compliance)
  • Provision of a pair of FREE bamboo socks known for their antiseptic properties
  • In severe cases it may be necessary for further treatment

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